Ensuring pedestrians’ safe passage, Stirling, Scotland

TGS worked with Story Contracting in St Ninians, Stirling, Scotland, on a Northern Rail infrastructure project involving designing and building a footbridge at Millhall Road to replace a level crossing once considered Scotland’s highest-risk pedestrian-only crossing.

The Project

TGS’s aspect of the project included the piles that would support the pedestrian bridge. The bridge’s location on the main Stirling to Edinburgh line was affected by weak ground conditions to significant depths. We worked next to a live running line and had to adhere to vibration restrictions because of nearby rail infrastructure.

The Solutions

TGS installed 84 low-vibration, bottom-driven 20-m piles near the live train line. Compression and tension loads were 350 kN and 125 kN respectively. We worked very close to active railway lines and opted for short-mast rigs. Full-depth pile reinforcement was also installed in sections no greater than 3 m to conform to the live rail fall distance restrictions. We selected multiple rigs to complete the work. Owing to the weak ground conditions, our preliminary testing ensured appropriate pile capacities were achievable. The finished structure is fully lit, ensuring safe and unimpeded access for pedestrians, wheelchair users and pushchairs.